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All you need is …portrait photoset in Moscow.

All you need is love (c). And one word should be added – the light. This is what happens when you take a camera in the night time, using all electronic devices (forget about soft boxes, don’t wake them up) and make a shots, again and again. No way to allow pauses in shoot, I mean if you are in process of editing or having rest, you need to shoot all the time. I am like a vessel, which is going to be empty after the shoot and then, day by day you have to fill it up with new ideas and thoughts. Enjoy your day and this wonderful photoset with my dearest friend Alisa. Miss you!

Photographer: Arina Sarv

portrait photographer in Moscow Arina Sarv.

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Make portraits in Tallinn.

All you need for perfect photoset is a simple jaccuzi with changeable lights. Catch this light and feel your model. Just 2 of these simple facts can be useful for getting all these pictures. And I might add : a few tones of sexuality with good music. hope you enjoy this beautiful photoset as we did during the process.

Необычная портретная фотосессия в Таллинне.

Портретная фотосессия в Таллинне.

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Gothic photoset in Saint-Petersburg.

I never thought I could find my inspiration here… at this place, the oldest Lutheran German cemetery in Saint-Petersburg. I don’t know how to describe this feeling, probably it was The Call from the Wild for me as my grandfather was a German jewish. Anyway many thanks to my model and friend Yana, she was brave enough to walk with me on that wonderful sunny spring day.


Необычная портретная фотосессия

Портретная фотосессия на немецком лютеранском кладбище СПБ

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Valentine’s Day Love Story.

What is the meaning of love? What else do we need to be happy? You have to be in love with yourself firstly to be able to give love to someone else.  My camera is my girlfriend and also a scanner of human feelings. There is something in the atmosphere while you are in process of shooting. You can see and feel more than people can talk to each other. Those breathtaking moments when you try to catch everything, do not miss any details, everything is so important in my work. I so much doubt do I need to bother my couples while we are shooting, better for me to stay behind the camera, just push the button and catch those lovely moments of love. Thank you, dear Ado and Nastya for this wonderful day. And Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

Лав-стори в день Святого Валентина

Съемка лав-стори в студии в Мосве

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Night portrait photoset in Moscow.

Model. Moscow by night. Headlights… What else we need for perfect photoset…

Воробьевы Горы в Москве ночью



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