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Когда я была маленькой девочкой, мир казался мне идеальным, а люди в нем – красивыми! По мере взросления мир менялся, не переставая меня удивлять, а люди по-прежнему оставались красивыми. Именно люди, их чувства, переживания, их красота и «огонек» в глазах – вот, что вдохновляет меня заниматься фотографией. Человеческие эмоции – неподдельная радость, искренность, слезы счастья, волнение, трепетное отношение друг к другу – все это важно для меня – не упустить ни одной детали в этот день – день Вашей свадьбы – начало новой жизни!

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Portrait photoset in museum.

This is what happens when you decide to shoot in museum with a Russian comedian Arseny Popov. Enjoy.



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Interesting places in Moscow. Moscow Metro.

With this post I would like to open new photo series of Moscow metro. Ufff… its gonna be tough to show you my favorite metro stations as there are quite a lot. We have started our metro tour from one of the new station, because it’s empty enough to walk around and explore everything. Believe me, you have to be an “early birds” to make a pictures of the old metro stations. Anyway stay tuned and enjoy our new post with interesting places in Moscow. Cheers.

interesting Moscow metro stations

Moscow, where to go and shoot?

black and white Moscow

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Interesting places in Moscow.

Here you will find the new photoset in Moscow. Please, welcome. 🙂

Photographer: Arina Sarv Clothes by Nadia Nurieva




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Interesting places in Saint-Petersburg.

We found Interesting places for shooting and walking in St. Petersburg.  I’ve never seen Gulf of Finland with ice, really. We were lucky enough to catch foggy morning, walking around and capturing those rare moments of lonely walk at bay. Here is the result of our walk you may see below. Have a nice day!

Интересные места в Санкт-Петербурге, Финский залив

Портретные фотосессии в Петербурге

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My Moscow. Interesting places for visit in Moscow.

Moscow is one of my favorite city and with this photo series I would like to show you my Moscow, my city where I live and shoot now. This is my home town, yes, and these are one of my 10 top places for visiting in Moscow.  I am sure you will open and find you own Moscow, probably more interesting than mine. Anyway you are always welcome to Moscow and welcome to my WORLD. Please, have a seat, wanna coffee or tea?

Interesting places in Moscow.

Portrait Photography ABAFOTO

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Interesting places in Moscow.

Following our Moscow photowalks we’ve visited Dominion Tower  – business center made by famous and my favorite architecture Zaha Hadid. It takes time to get this building finished (almost 10 years) which is so typical in Russia.

The interesting fact that 3 floors of this building rent Russian State Fund for dilapidated and abandoned houses destruction. So Russia. ))

Интересные места в Москве Фотосессия в Москве

Необычные места для фотосессии в Москве

Прогулки по Москве, фотосессия с фотографом

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