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Just a 2 of us. Wedding photoset in Moscow.

I’m so much happy when the bride and groom choose a wedding photoset for two. Guests are joining  us in the registry office only. We are able to visit so many different places and make a lot of beautiful photographs. We do not just listen and hear each other, we are on the same wave: the photographer and his couple. It’s great when the bride and groom’s gatherings are held at the hotel, considering that the morning of the bride began with heavy rain – it did not bother us very much, because the registry office was nearby, and there were many places in the hotel with a beautiful light. Leafing through the photos taken almost a year ago, I wrote to my bride how happy I am to get such a wonderful result of our work. Also has received her answer: “we simply enjoyed this day, and we recollect it with pleasure!”

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Winter wedding in Moscow.

Winter wedding is always hard to accept and hard to shoot as well. You don’t even want to go out of bed in this cold weather. At the same time those weddings are probably the most beautiful. Just relax and trust your wedding photographer who really knows places for shooting and advice you how to stay warm during the process. That winter soft light and white snow as reflection are perfect conditions for getting wonderful wedding pictures. Don’t forget to grab one secret which makes you warm inside – your feelings.

Wedding rings in winter season.

Portrait photoset of bride and groom

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Winter weddings… Ideas, Decoration, wedding dresses.


My brides are usually afraid of winter weddings, of course, if you are planning to shoot winter weddings you have to be prepared for getting freezing cold. It’s so boring to move from one spot to another during winter season, you are worrying about your wedding dress, trying to save it until wedding banquet. The idea of this winter shoot was to show my brides how winter wedding can be beautiful  and there is no need to spend many hours for shooting process. If you prepare everything in advance step by step, all the details of your winter wedding you will enjoy the process, I am absolutely sure. So, here we are with winter shoot which I am posting on the first Spring day (so happens).

Style, wedding decorations, accessories, bridal bouquet by Nadia Nurieva

Make up and hair stylist – Elena Gushing “Persona LAB” Khimki

Many thanks to restaurant:  Kalina Country 

I would like to thank my friend Elena Panfilenkova for  help in process shooting  and of course, our beautiful model Ekaterina for being a part of this event.

Cвадьба зимой, идеи, платья, декор

Идеи для свадьбы весной и зимой

Свадебный декор в ресторане

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Pulmad. Taagepera Loss.

My brides use to know that I am trying to help with everything if they choose me as their wedding photographer. I am trying to find the best wedding organization company, the best dress, the best restaurant for wedding banquet and of course, I will give an advise regarding bridal make up or even wedding cake. And I am so excited to get a fantastic result of our long fruitful work. This is a result of our happiness and eternal faith in love. Enjoy my new wedding! 

wedding photographer: Arina Sarv  MUAH: Dilya Haidarova  Taagepere Castle. svadba-v-zamke-taagepera_107 svadba-v-zamke-taagepera_98 svadba-v-zamke-taagepera_53 ♥ Read Post ♥